Something to ask about.   if the rai was successful and she is monitored properly (i'm not a dr though) i would think she has an excellent progrnosis if she is followed properly. Cheapest price for generic viagra This is a good? viagra women what happens For dr. Lupo's expert forum, too, perhaps! viagra time frame Welcome!!! buy viagra online C~ reply redheadaussie   jun 14, 2009 hi, i had hurthle cell adenoma with changes (meaning it was heading to cancer) my thyroid was removed too. viagra ou viagra qual o melhor   i have learned alot about this cancer through my studying. cheap viagra in usa It really depends if the cancer was contained within the thyroid or had any vascular encroachment (veins with the cancer cells into it) you would need to get your mum to ask for the pathology report after she had the thyroid out.   the rai would have killed off any remaining thyroid tissue, not hurthle cells. Hurthle cells do not respond well to rai. viagra time frame   i really do not understand why they would give her rai every six months. It seems a little extreme. Blonde woman viagra commercial   being on thyroxine for the rest of her life will provide her with replacement thyroid hormone.   only if the hurthle cells have spread elsewhere would she be in any danger. yahoo mail sending viagra The fact the hospital has not seen this type of cancer before makes me question the result. viagra buy online without prescription In my studies i have found that there are variants of hurthle cell diagnosis. There are some which look very much like hurthle cell carcinoma but are in fact not. viagra time frame   i would personally urge you to ask your mother to obtain as much medical records as possible and find another endocrinologist to have a look at the information.   did you go with your mother to all doctors appointments? viagra without a doctor prescription It is often a good idea to have someone adult with the patient, as the patient often doesn't take in what the doctor is saying.   in closing, provided the hurthle cell carcinoma was only in the thyroid with no vascular invasion, then she should be ok. Use viagra jelly   good luck! viagra side effects heart rate    reply smilerdeb   jun 14, 2009 i totally agree with redhead. cheap viagra on line Your mum needs her results in her hand and needs them fully explained to her. cheap generic viagra Reply related discussions hurthle cells?? (10 replies):hi! cheapest price on viagra I had an fna on 03/07/08, results were positive for... [more] please help :( askanazy / hurthle cell changes (14. online viagra prescription ping prescription needed to buy viagra