Intj forum > the world and beyond > science and health > dealing with delayed sleep phase syndrome (dsps) pda view full version : dealing with delayed sleep phase syndrome (dsps) aussenseiter 10-31-2008, 07:23 am hi guys, i've been suffering from dsps for a couple of years now, but i have a feeling that it got even worse now. viagra india online purchase I fail to get up on time and go to school at least once a week (well, not that surprising if i have to get up at 6am). It makes me feel very frustrated and guilty. I've been recently experimenting with melatonin and while it sometimes actually helpes me both fall asleep earlier and wake up on time, usually the result is that i still can't get up in the morning even though i went to bed around midnight or so - which for me is like late afternoon :) has any of you discovered any other ways to deal with the syndrome besides taking melatonin (or other pills)? can you buy viagra over the counter in south africa Is it even possible to do something about it or perhaps should i just give up and adapt my lifestyle to my sleep habits after i quit school? viagra 20 mg best price Rewhu 10-31-2008, 08:13 am this is the first i've ever heard of dsps. buy viagra canada I read your post and looked it up on wikipedia. viagra 50 mg info The information posted there isn't extensive obviously, but still very interesting. viagra without prescription Beginning at age five to the present i have had trouble falling asleep at a "normal" time, trouble waking up in the morning and have always felt like a "night person". viagra india online purchase I always assumed that the difficulties i had in waking up were related to my disdain for school. viagra online I didn't want to go to school therefore i didn't want to wake up. generic viagra online pharmacy reviews There were a number of days, particularly in high school, when i intentionally slept in and arrived late or not at all. viagra cost However, most of the time i was late it was because i slept through both of my alarms clocks, never hearing them and would wake up on my own around 10am. Or i would hear my alarm and keep hitting snooze because i genuinely felt that i couldn't get out bed. buy viagra cheap Even if i went to bed early and got what would be considered a good night’s sleep, i would still not be able to get up the next morning. ordering viagra online without visiting a doctors In college i was able to enroll in courses that started after 10am so it was easier for me to get there on time, but i still fo. ping